Here at Inngenius, we believe in keeping things simple and our price isĀ just one of them.

Your monthly charge will stay the same as long as your account is active. There are no commissions contracts or any hidden fees at all.

We are directly connected to major distribution networks such as, Expedia, Agoda, Tripadvisor and their affiliates. These networks and their affiliated sites will take up about 99% of your online bookings. If you are looking to connect to more channelsĀ  or connect to a specific channel our business partner Myallocator can provide this service to you for an additional monthly fee. Myallocator provides connections to hundreds of channels worldwide.

No Hidden Fees - No Contracts - No Commissions

Please contact us for our pricing

  • Single Pricing structure with a low monthly payment will cover everything you need.
  • InnGenius PMS Frontdesk Software
  • InnConnect CRS Channel Manager
  • InnConnect CRS Website Booking Engine
  • 30+ Reports
  • Revenue Analytics
  • Built-in POS Software
  • Yield Management
  • EMV Payment Gateway
  • E-Commerce Analytics for your website
  • 365-Day Support
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