How to use promotional codes in InnConnect

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In order to use coupon codes within inngenius, a coupon code must be created in InnConnect.

Please follow the steps to create coupon codes. You can create multiple coupon codes and enter these codes in InnGenius automatic email templates to be sent out automatically.

Go to InnConnect Coupons, hit “Add new Coupon” key to get started.

Enter a date period for the coupon to be active

If “Min Total” is left empty, system will apply the coupons to all bookings within that date period.

Your guests will be able to enter the coupon codes in your booking engine reservation page, shown below.

After validating the coupon code, a discount amount will be shown where the coupon code box is, as shown below.


Coupon codes are still in beta phase, if you have any questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact us.